Words of Wisdom From Jim Christian

This is Jim. Aaaaaand if you don’t know him, you should. He was the head of the Musical Theatre program at Weber State and taught me everything I know! About acting, Disney, work ethic, audition and HEADSHOTS. This guy. He directs just about everywhere.

So I asked him during his session, “what sticks out to you about a good headshot?” And some of his answer really surprised me. First off he said warm and approachable. He says he looks at eyes and smile for this.

But next, (to my delight) he said, “intelligence-I want to see someone who is capable of telling a story.” I FREAKING LOVE THISSSSS!!! This is what every director wants but can’t put in to words. They want someone smart who they can trust to tell their story-your headshot should have this extra level of intrigue. Not just a pretty or dramatic picture. GOLD.

Some other insanely useful stuff he said about your headshot and audition in general is DRESS LIKE YOU CARE. He wants to know when you walk into the room that you want to be there and that you’re pleasant to be around. If you’re in a show together, you’re going to be spending lots of time together. Make sure your production team and everyone in that room (and the check in room) leaves wanting to spend more time with you.

Holy crap. Well if that isn’t a #pepperfoxtip I don’t know what is.

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