5 Ways To Feel Good About Your Audition--Everytime.

Auditions suck. There’s no way around them. If you are a performer, you must get your brain around the fact that, odds are, you will spend more time auditioning than you will performing. So why not find a way make this scary awful thing positive, regardless on if you make the show or not. Here are 5 ACTUAL ways to feel good about your audition—everytime. Let me first say, I’m not saying that you’re going to nail all of your auditions. I wish anyone could guarantee that for you. But you can set yourself up for success and prepare your brain to genuinely be ok, even if it doesn’t go the way you planned—which in my experience—it NEVER will.

First step, take the stress out of it. Second, take the emotion out of it.

  1. Give yourself at least 2 weeks before the audition to practice your materials. I am talking about song/monologue picked, cut finalized and practicing exactly how you will do it every day for 2 weeks before your audition. Yes, this includes your slate. Practice it so that it’s full of personality and something you don’t have to think about.

  2. Do a gratitude practice before you practice and before your audition. GUYS. If you are not aware of the studies done on gratitude and how it affects your actual brain waves-get yourselves on that. The SCIENCE is that putting yourself in a gratitude mindset will force your brain to work in your frontal lobe, not the lower half of your brain-where, btw, you react emotionally, and get stuck in old habits. Uhhhhh NONE of which you want for an audition. Your frontal lobe, and the alpha waves that gratitude creates enables you to be flexible and quick to adapt, be creative and create new habits. Also, gratitude automatically takes your focus off of you and on to others and your surroundings, allowing you to be more mindful and gracious and allowing the performance you give to be free of overthinking and less nerves. So, let’s say that sweet pianist who’s never seen or heard your music before starts you off on the wrong tempo—if you’ve done a gratitude practice right before—you’ve are automatically set your brainwaves into a forward and adaptable space where you can think clearly about how to adjust and not get flustered. Did I also mention that a RAD side effect of gratitude is that you will truly and genuinely feel when you get out of the audition that you were just lucky to be there, to learn, and to be considered? I’m not making this up. If you do a for real gratitude practice, you will not care if you make the show or not. You will be concerned with how others did, and you will truly want the casting directors to do what is best for the show, whether that means you’re in it or not. I know it sounds voodoo. I know it sounds too good to be true. But my husband and I just tested this out on our first audition-where we went in together. I got the show and he didn’t. We were both able to use this gratitude to cope with the nerves of callbacks and waiting for lists and LACK THEREOF. Addison, my husband, said that it is the first audition that he did not care whether it was him or not, he just wanted what was best for the show to happen. And I can honestly say it was the first audition I have not been nervous for and that I did more of what I intended. That is BIZARRE. Gratitude is voodoo magic and I am a freaking believer. So what is a gratitude practice?? Lemme share what we do. Super simple, takes maybe 5 minutes. Pull out a piece of paper or your notes app on your phone, or if you’re driving, say them out loud. Write down:

      • 10 things you’re grateful for. (if you’re stuck, start with things immediately around you—like in the audition room? I’m grateful for this chair to sit in so my legs don’t shake, I’m grateful I know the pianist, I’m grateful that this production team took hours out of their day to hear me, I’m grateful I don’t have a coldsore today—You get the picture.)

      • 5 things you love about yourself. This one is extremely important in the audition process! Write down your strengths, what makes you unique, that you love your lips! Whatever. You will be so surprised at how acknowledging these things will boost your confidence and make you feel one of a kind.

      • 3 attributes you want to work on. Joy, enthusiasm, patience, love, organization, etc.

3. Talk to your pianist. Even if you feel like you shouldn’t—go talk to them right before you go up and let them know the tempo and if you need your starting note. Don’t leave it up to chance.

4. Understand and BELIEVE that everyone in that room wants you to succeed and that they are not making decisions about you personally. They are only completing a puzzle. Cameron Diaz will never be Jell-o. Please tell me that someone knows my reference! Take the emotion out of it. Put yourself on the other side of the table and recognize how hard and confusing their job must be.


5. It is your job, as a creator, to put what you have out there and let it go. It is not your job to get the part. Your worth is not connected to when you make a show, but to when you merely show up and put yourself out there.


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