The Most Common Makeup Mistakes

I see a lot of faces. Faces are the COOLEST!!! I love that it’s my job to check out you fine people every day. There are a few things that are personal pet peeves of mine that are really easy fixes. Are you making any of these mistakes when you go into your next headshot session?

  1. Not blending your foundation past your jawline. The skin on our faces is different than our neck. The texture and the color. If you are using an overall foundation, make sure to get a reeeeeally good match for your skin (they do this at Ulta for free for their brands) and if necessary, blend some of that foundation down your neck as well. Not doing this will usually make your face look warmer and smoother than your neck.

  2. Don’t use metallic makeup. This goes for eyeshadow, blush, and bronzer. While I love a little sparkle as much as the next person. A lot of time that shimmer that you use will not photograph true to color and can end up just making you look muddy rather than sparkly.

  3. Contouring gone wrong. I mostly see contouring go wrong on noses and foreheads. Cheekbones just must have a clearer line to follow. I don’t mind some contouring! Just keep it in check ;)

The number one thing that will fix all these problems?? Do your makeup in natural light. Get close to a window with a mirror or do it in your car! As I am a natural light photographer, doing your makeup in natural light will give you the most true to photograph look. Take a couple test shots with your phone, especially on angles that you can’t naturally see from a mirror—your jawline and your profile. Just to double check your work!

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