Upping Your Performing Game With The Gym

Going to the gym. Woof. I know, I know. So freaking rough. But the past few shows I’ve done since consistently going to the gym have had 5 major differences—and it has nothing to do with how I look.

  1. Less injury. While I don’t get injured in shows super often, there’s always bruises and scrapes and they usually happen with something stupid that I’m not thinking about. Because I am more in tune with my body, I am more aware of it during shows, I end up avoiding lots of dumb mistakes.

  2. Performing to my body’s full extent. And no, I don’t mean just dance-heavy roles. I think every single role could benefit from you having a warmed-up body and being in tune with its’ strengths and weaknesses. It’s your instrument. Why wouldn’t you want to understand everything about it? Put more tools in your tool belt.

  3. I have more energy and can push through easier when shows get hard-especially with cardio. This allows me to focus on the storytelling, rather than my endurance.

  4. This one’s gonna sound lame…*sigh* but it’s true….Being physically active has helped me learn lessons about life that I can literally FEEL in my own body. Like metaphors. And the more that you can learn about life-the better actor you will be. For example: Muscles are built by being torn down and the body rebuilds them by fusing muscle fibers together to form new muscle protein strands. So many lessons in there about how we need to be broken down and have humility in order to be made stronger. And how muscle fibers forming together to make something new is like our casts coming together to create and build each other up.

  5. It’s an incredible dose of self-care, which is critical in crazy show time. My time at the gym has become sacred, where I get to focus on me. As a mom of 2-that’s pretty rad. I also get to show my kids that I love my body and that it’s important to take care of yourself. Total bonus ;)

  6. I feel strong and empowered. The more that you can do to maintain confidence in this world where we are constantly in the limelight, the better. If you have a relationship with and can trust your body, it’s almost like you’ve got a friend out there on the stage. Possibly the cheesiest thing I’ve ever said on here. But, hey. We’re artists. You get it.