4 Ways You'd Never Think of to Become a Better Actor

Acting. There’s no real way of measuring good or bad acting. You all just know it when you see it, right? So, there are classes you can take to gain knowledge and there are shows you can do to gain experience. But can I tell you a few things that you won’t find in any textbook?


Acting is about about being a human. Right? I think the problem is we forget to be humans when people are watching sometimes. Also! Acting is a verb. So I think we think we have to be DOING something all the time. When we, as humans, just are being. We need to be better at being, not acting.

“In my long and difficult and mature life, I have come to learn that the less I know about acting and the more I know about everything else the better I’ll be at both acting and living.”-Jean Seberg

  1. Cultivate and pursue other interests outside of theatre. Focus on your relationships outside of this weird bubble. Have a life that is not theatre so that you’re a well rounded person. Cooking, sports, hiking, bowling, snuggling your puppy—all that good stuff.

  2. Travel! The more we can see of this world, understand history and other cultures the better we will be at understanding where we fit in the world. Our minds will be opened to other view points and other forms of storytelling. Experiencing and being immersed in a whole other point of view is irreplaceable.

  3. Be curious about your emotions. Allow yourself to feel emotions and not close them out. Start to get curious about what sets you off and how you naturally react and deal.

  4. Make friends with people that are different than you. Your empathy will grow in incredible ways when you not only listen to people with different opinions, but when you love them too.

Gaining real life experience is all a part of being a better human onstage. Get out there and LIIIIIVE, mmkkay?