Tech Week Self Care

Tech week hits and suddenly your body hates you, you’re eating terribly, and you’re sleep deprived-oh! And you’re in close proximity to dozens of humans who’re all in the same state as you. The perfect storm for sickness. Let’s make sure you don’t miss opening night with a little TLC.

Bre-PepperFox-2019_0045 copy.jpg

First off, you are your number one advocate when it comes to setting boundaries for yourself and keeping yourself well and safe. When everyone is tired and running out of time, safety can be put a little further down the list as we loose our ability to think clearly. SO MANY injuries can happen tech week. Make sure you are alert and aware and that if you are asked to do something that is not ready yet or makes you uncomfortable that you speak up. I’ve seen it happen several times and it is such a bummer. Don’t be a martyr for the art. Again, we want you to make it to opening night intact!

Secondly! Prep!

  • Food: Plan that week or two of madness with some meals (I love me some Citrus Pear-such a lifesaver). Take a trip to Costco for healthy snacks you can grab before you go to the theatre.

  • Work: If you can chill your workload down or cut out some outings so that you can recharge, you will thank yourself later. No matter how many tech weeks I go through, I always seem to feel like I got run over by a bus. I am literally shocked every time. I am an overscheduling addict! But I am SO much happier if I take under scheduling seriously on these weeks. Don’t think it’s not a big deal-it is. And your body will be in shock and shut down if you try to power through.

  • Downtime: Schedule some! You will be running low on time with long hours spent at the theatre. You’ll be tempted to catch up on laundry, or go grocery shopping—but I promise, the best use of your time is probably a nap. Schedule it ahead of time or it won’t happen.

  • Family: Let these guys know how to help pick up the slack these weeks and what you might need. Cleaning, starting dinner, filling up the car with gas, picking up carpools, etc. Remember these guys can’t read your mind, give them a little heads up and they can make your life easier.

Here’s some other stuff you can do! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy! Kudos if you can schedule a massage in there! But even just taking a few extra minutes in your daily grooming routine can truly help you feel more on top of it. And guys, don’t shy away from the things that seem like I’m talking to just girls…I’m not. DO those facials. TAKE those bubble baths. PAINT those nails…but only if you want to.

  • Invest in epsom salts for those aching muscles. Take a bath and listen to whatever helps you loosen up. Mine is usually a Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald mix.

  • Stretch those muscles a little longer than usual.

  • Do a facial.

  • Go on a walk.

  • Meditate. I’ve heard WONDERFUL things about the Calm App. Anyone else love this??

  • Start a gratitude journal for the show and the little things that make you happy during your runs. They will be the first things you forget when you stop running the show.

  • Refrain from late night food runs with the cast. You’ll have so much adrenaline and it will sound like such a good idea! But listen to your body. After the show opens, be the first to rally a late night cast dinner!

  • Do a lip scrub!

  • Read a book.

  • Take a vitamin supplement. Vitamin D3 is my fave.

  • Paint your nails (just make sure the color is approved by the costume designer or is a nude or clear coat!)

  • Go see a movie.

  • Plan some down time with your family.

  • Get in nature and breathe.

  • Take a yoga class.

  • Listen to what your body needs to eat (not necessarily wants to eat. A man cannot survive on cheese fries alone.)

  • Soak up some sun. (with SPF on, obvi.)

  • Do an under-eye mask. I hear they have great ones at Target. We’re all not shocked.

  • Drink some tea for those chords. I love the Cold Buster at Starbucks. If they don’t know what that is, ask for honey citrus tea with a shot of peppermint.

What did I miss?? What’re your go-to ways to wind down a tech week?