The Complete Headshot Guide (Emphasis on TV & Film)

LA Actress, Lizzy Bean (@lizzydbean) and Utah headshot photographer, Bre Welch with Pepperfox Photo team up to provide a 20 page workbook packed with knowledge to nail your next headshot session. What’s included?

  • We break down the types of headshots from film to theatre and all the types in between that you need to have as a working actor.

  • Exercises to help you nail down your character type and so you can optimize your castability and start working with brands that get you.

  • Tonzzzz of photo examples. We talk through some celebrity examples who truly rock their type. Plus Pepperfox Photo takes Lizzy through a complete transformation of 12 different headshot looks to show her versatility, styled expertly by Janae Klumpp ( You will get to see how Lizzy chooses acessories and changes her body language to really sell a character.

  • Note pages to help you apply your new knowledge.

This will really reframe your perspective on the business of acting and what directors really need to see from your headshot.

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