An actors’ life is tough. It really takes a team to help keep you on your game. Your body is the most powerful tool you have. You have to keep in shape, whether it’s your vocal chords, your body, or that muscle in your brain that helps you execute choreography quickly in an audition! We’re artist! Navigating the logistics of being a working actor can also be suuuuuuper confusing. How do I set up a personal LLC? How do I get health insurance? Who do I go to to set up a killer actor website?

It’s all here. This is my team.

the best of the best! All the people I would or do personally use.

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Hair and Makeup artist

  • Marielle Reyes • (801) 859-8344 •

  • Janae Klumpp • • Instagram:

  • Bryn Campbell •

  • Jyllian Petrie • (801) 687-1647 •

Private Voice Lessons

  • Maurie Tarbox (Female, Kaysville) • • (801) 726-1146 (text) • Classically trained • Specialties: audition and competition prep, Musical Theatre: belt, legit, etc. -all CCM genres. Bre’s personal vocal coach all through college and currently.

  • Mary Fanning Driggs (Female, SLC) • FB message: Mary Fanning Driggs • • Specialties: Musical Theatre: belt. Pop and rock. Bre’s personal belt coach.

  • Amelia Moore (Female, SLC) • • (801) 550-0414 (text) • Specialties: contemporary musical theatre/pop, audition prep.

  • Cecily Ellis Bills (Female, Centerville/Salem/UVU) • • Specialties: commercial music, musical theatre, classical.

  • Jack Shapiro (Male, N. SLC) • (801) 928-8711 (text) • • Instagram: @jackshapiro • Specialties: healthy contemporary pop, R&B, Musical Theatre, acting coaching, mindfulness and meditation.

  • Chelsea Millward (Female, SLC) • (801) 696-7848 • • • Instagram: @singingwithchelsea • Facebook: @singingwithchelsea • Specialties: vocal technique and performance coaching for ALL styles of music, any level of singer-beginner or recording artist.

  • Megan Yates (Female, SLC) • (435) 773-8841 • • • FB: Yates Vocal Studio • Instagram: @yatesvocalstudtio • Specialties: speech level singing, vocal technique, performance coaching, style coaching-riffs, runs and stylizing.

  • Preston Yates (Male, SLC) • (801) 592-2370 • • • FB: Yates Vocal Studio • Instagram: @yatesvocalstudtio • Specialties: speech level singing, vocal technique, performance coaching, style coaching-riffs, runs and stylizing.


Specialty training

  • Private Stage Combat

    • Spencer Hohl • FB message: Spencer Jackson Hohl • (801) 635-5397 • Specialties: Sword, but is trained in every stage weapon (unarmed included).

  • Private Stunt (film)

  • Personal Fitness

    • Erin Carlson (N. SLC) • (801) 916-7464

  • private dance instruction (age 16+)

    • Kailey Green • • Specitalties: all levels of experience, ballet/jazz/tap technique through a musical theatre lens, audition prep for audition dance calls.


Children’s acting/singing/dance training

  • Centerpoint Legacy Theatre • Wendy Inkley (801) 834-3123, • Top of the line instructors, all trained in the field and currently performing in the area. CPTA offers a wide array of classes for every area your young performer could need. Classes are offered after school and in two week camps during the summer. Their productions are high quality gems where every student gets an opportunity to shine and gain confidence.

Audition prep

  • Audition Advantage with Erin Carlson, Anne Puzey, Jeanne McGuire • (801) 916-7464 • Audition Advantage Facebook Page • Ever been stuck on what to sing for your audition? These guys specialize in finding you the PERFECT audition song specified for the character you’re going for. From their massive sheet music library, and years of experience as directors and musicians they are able to pull the most precise options. You get an actor’s perspective and a professional audition pianist/music director’s perspective all rolled into a 1 hour intensive session. You will not only leave with a perfect 16/32 bar cut of your sheet music, but also an audio recording of your vocal part and piano-only recording to practice with. Holy cow. I will never go to another audition without visiting these guys first.


Personal Web design

  • Amy Hirschi • • Having a personal website as an actor is becoming more and more important. Amy is the best person you’ll ever meet and an absolute BOSS at focusing your personal branding into a cohesive and gorgeous website.

health Insurance agent extrodinaire

  • Lauren Showgren • • (801) 669-7799 • Thought you had to have a 9-5 job to have killer insurance? You don’t, and Lauren will show you how. She is amazing at finding affordable health plans that don’t suck for entrepreneurs/actors and employed people as well! I can’t recommend her highly enough. And did I mention her services are free??

tax guy

  • Paramount Tax & Accounting • (801) 890-4777 • Absolutely SKILLED at helping actors figure out how to track their expenses and to classify what is a write-off so that you get the best return. Go. Ask a million questions so that next year you’ll have even more of an edge. Taxes are a learning curve. They make it easy.