becoming pepperlicious


Why Pepperfox?

Everyone's got a story to tell, I want to tell yours.

I get all tingly inside when I know you feel confident and I've captured exactly what makes you special. The first few minutes of our time together is devoted to pinpointing your type and selecting your look so that I can customize the colors, lighting and overall mood to your specific essence. I want to your portrait to directly portray your cast-ability and needs.

Don't know what to wear or how you should do your makeup? Don't worry, I've got you covered. When you book, you will receive my rad what-to-wear guide along with exclusive Bre&Me texting privileges. Feel free to send me pics of your outfit ideas. Or! Bring your options to the studio and we can decide together. 

My goal is for all my #pepperfoxes to look like a directors’ dream: fierce, easy to work with, and eager for a challenge.

What session is right for me?


Ideal for theatre actors, film actors, and business professionals.

This session is headshots only, no full body.


2 looks, 45 minutes, 5 edited digital images $200
3 looks, 60 minutes, 6 edited digital images $250
4 looks, 75 minutes, 7 edited digital images $300
5 looks, 90 minutes, 8 edited digital images $350


Ideal for actors and entrepreneurs.

A variety of images and set ups for your personal website/social media.


2 looks, 60 minutes, 10 edited digital images $375
3 looks, 90 minutes, 13 edited digital images $450
4 looks, 2 hours, 16 edited digital images $525
5 looks, 2.5 hours, 20 edited digital images $600

Mix & Match

Not sure which package is right for you?? Let’s mix & match. Bre can create a custom package just for you. For example:

2 headshot looks + 1 branding look, 75 minutes, 10 edited digital images $400

Contact Bre with the button below to start your custom package today!

Real talk- Bre, you are so gifted! It was so hard to choose. You captured a lot of characters that fit my casting type. I have the best friend, the sensitive guy, the trouble guy, the guy next door. Anyways, I am rambling because I am so pleased!