I am the photographer over at Pepperfox Photo, located in Bountiful, Utah. I believe in authenticity, color, joy and Dr. Pepper.  I am a musical theatre geek...and when not behind the lens, you can usually find me performing in a show.

Because of my theatre background, portraits are my jaaaaam! I know what makes your headshot irresistible to a director. In pursuit of that authenticity that I crave from my photos, I strive to create an environment where you can be yourself.

Let's play.



This is Addison, and he completes the Pepperfox team.

Addison is the photoshop genius, artistic eye, technical extraordinaire and overall provider of sanity! Oh, did I also mention that he's my sweet hubby?

While Bre is off shooting, Addison is hanging out with the kids! It's the perfect beautiful storm of creativity and collaboration.

Addison is also a freaking rad artist, childrens’ book illustrator, choreographer, and incredible performer. Jeeeeeeze, I love him.